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When you choose to study piano at Hartt, you will be immersed in a well-rounded, comprehensive course of study designed to prepare students for professional opportunities. 

About the Major

Hartt offers you the traditional music offerings, intense private lessons, a strong piano pedagogy component, and experience in accompanying.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Undergraduate Diploma
  • Master of Music in Piano Performance
  • Master of Music in Piano Performance - Pedagogy Emphasis
  • Graduate Professional Diploma
  • Doctor of Musical Arts
  • Artist Diploma

Admission and Audition Requirements

Please see specific instrument audition requirements by degree below. Learn more about the undergraduate or graduate application process, in-person audition dates, and deadlines.


Bachelor of Music


(All works to be performed from memory)

  • One prelude & fugue by J.S. Bach
  • The first movement of a Classical sonata
  • One Romantic work
  • One Impressionistic work or a work written after 1900
  • Three contrasting works from different historical periods (preferably one piece to be performed from memory)

Please note: We have students who come to Hartt from across the United States and around the world. That is one of the things that makes a Hartt education so special. Some students are accepted and arrive having had extensive private study on their instruments. Others have had less experience (and perhaps less conventional training), but their natural abilities and great love of music allow them to make remarkable strides in a short period of time because of the expertise of our faculty.

Our requirements are sometimes quite specific to give applicants a sense of where they should be to enter a high-level conservatory environment. However, we encourage applicants to reach out to our faculty members to discuss audition repertoire. It may be that what you have prepared will suffice. Our primary goal is to identify potential, and if we feel that the potential is there, it is then our responsibility to provide each and every student with the tools to be successful.

If you would like to be in touch with a member of the faculty to discuss your audition repertoire, please write to

Master of Music & Graduate Professional Diploma

  • A Prelude & Fugue by Bach or a larger scale work by Bach containing a fugue
  • A complete Classical Sonata (excluding Beethoven Op. 14, 49, 79)
  • A large-scale Romantic work
  • An Impressionistic or post-1900 work

Doctor of Musical Arts & Artist Diploma

The audition repertoire should consist of a complete recital to include the following:

  • A large-scale work by Bach or a Prelude and Fugue containing a 4 or 5 voice fugue
  • A major Classical sonata
  • A major Romantic work
  • A major 20th century work
  • An étude of virtuosity

Keyboard Faculty

Jose Santana
Associate Professor of Piano; Chair of Keyboard
Instrumental Studies
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Paul Rutman
Professor of Piano
Instrumental Studies
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Gregory Babal
Piano and Theatre Faculty
HCD Music
Instrumental Studies
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Frederic Chiu
Piano Faculty
Instrumental Studies
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Barbara Johnson
Evaluator and Manager of Academic Support Services; Suzuki and Traditional Piano Faculty
HCD Music
Dean's Office for Hartt
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Scott Lamlein
Organ Faculty
Instrumental Studies
HCD Music
View Full Profile
Kamilla Mammedova
Theatre and Piano Faculty
HCD Music
Instrumental Studies
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Marija Stroke
Piano Faculty
Instrumental Studies
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